Driving your Business Development to Execution in North America 

Our focus is on the value creation outcome through the conception, process, ​know-how, development and ​ramp-up of the company business in North America.

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As a startup in his first steps in the market; 

It's highly important to get the first pilots and customers, with Fruition BDMs Pro you may achieve that faster and cost effective. 

Fruition Business Group:

Every customer or pilot to your startup may benefits for further validation to your tech solution and by doing that 

it will increase the startup valuation. 

Increase your valuation 


Leverage your fund raising 


Leverage business development operation with your investors and new for your fund-raising

Years of experience waiting for you

Our high reputation comes from building multiple high growth ventures and market-ready Technology companies for our customers.


Fruition understands that our customers’ success is our success, we work hand in hand with them to map, define 

and execute the plan and implement sustainable enhancements for our customer.

Your Business Development Manager (BDM) in North America! 

As a tech company who has a customer and partners in North America our BDMs will work hand in hand with your team & partners in North America to leverage your business execution.  

It's all about results! 

  • We grow with the company! 
  • A business model which based on results**. 
  • BDM's with tens of years experience and a proven track record in the technology industry. 
  • Our presence in North America provides your startup a local professional representative. 

** The business model may include upfront fees or monthly fees 

according to the startup's stage and it's ready for the market.   

Business Development Manger based on your needs: 

Gain further benefits !